Hvar Fortress – Tvrđava

A short history of the town Fortress in Hvar The town fortress rises on a hill some hundred meters above the old part of Hvar Town. Dating from the 16th century it is commonly known as Fortica and Španjola Nowadays the fortress is a symbol of an extremely significant and turbulent period of the towns […]

The Historic Hvar Theatre 1612

The oldest Public Theatre in Europe The historic Hvar Theatre, which is situated on the first floor of the Arsenal building is a monument of national importance to Croatia, as well as one of the most significant historical building of its kind in Europe. The Renaissance Arsenal was used for boat building, boat repairs and […]

Nine pretty Instagram Spots in Hvar

If you are looking for the most Instagrammable places in Hvar, you have come to the right place! Hvar is a photographers playground and there is literally no bad place to take an insta shot. Everywhere you turn there is something magical and beautiful to see… Whether you only have one day in Hvar or […]

…u levandu

The Rosemary Co-operative of Velo Grablje was founded in 1892, and was the first of its kind in Croatia. It was the start of a long tradition of the production of essential oils from rosemary and lavender. Between 1928 and 1930, the village of Velo Grablje saw a great increase in lavender planting and production, […]

Walking the Hvar Island

most popular trails This easy trail leads from the village of Velo Grablje on the island of Hvar to Milna located on the sea. Velo Grablje was founded in the 14th century, and today the village is almost abandoned and has only a few permanent residents. From Velo Grablje the trail follows the dry line […]

Paklenski otoci i motar (Crithmum maritimum)

“Kako je zapisao grčki povjesničar Teopomp, bog mora Posejdon zaveo je Zeusovu miljenicu nimfu Dahomar, te onako zaljubljeni, strepeći pred bijesom olimpskog vrhovnika, utekoše u Hadrijski zaljev, kako se tada zvalo Jadransko more. Misleći da su pronašli utočište, na usamljenoj hridi predadoše se strasti. Ipak, nisu mogli tek tako uteći Zeusu. I dok su sljubljeni […]

154 Years of organized tourism in Hvar

Sentimental journey through the tourist history of Hvar1868 — 2022 The year was 1868 and a group of respected citizens led by the then bishop Juraj Duboković, founded the Hvar Curative Health Society. Today over 150 years later Hvar is the epitome of a modern Mediterranean tourist town. A continuous tourism development of Hvar gives […]

Tvrdalj – The Castle Of The Poet Petar Hektorovic

Fede e realtà o quanto è bella Petar Hektorović 1487. – 1572. He engraved his own life motto in Italian. Oh how beautiful is faith and reality! Tvrdalj the castle with a fish pond and a dovecote above it, is the most famous building ofStari Grad. This Renaissance poet built it throughout his long life […]