A short history of the town Fortress in Hvar

The town fortress rises on a hill some hundred meters above the old part of Hvar Town. Dating from the 16th century it is commonly known as Fortica and Španjola

view from the fortress walls overlooking the harbor

Nowadays the fortress is a symbol of an extremely significant and turbulent period of the towns history. It’s elaborate ground plan, picturesque location and excellent state of preservation make it one of the finest town forts in Croatia.

Construction of the present day fort began in 1282 on the decision of the Venetian government when Hvar was under their rule. Due to the threat from the Turks the fort was expanded and fortified around the middle of the 16h century reaching completion in 1551, as is testified by the inscription over the main southern gate, which bears the Venetian coat of arms, as well as the coats of arm of the leaders of the municipal government.

cannons ready for battle

On August the 19th 1571, the fortress saved the lives of the local people who managed to find shelter there when the Turks attacked the town, plundered it and set it on fire.

In the following centuries the fortress underwent repairs and adaptions, and by the beginning of the 19th century under Austrian rule a new large barracks was built alongside it, together with raised and fortified battlements.

In 1971 the Fortica was adapted as an exclusive catering facility with an impressive viewpoint, with the towns plans for improving tourist facilities. Hvar towns mighty protector from which cannon balls once threatened and thundered has become a haven of welcome, song, entertainment and dreams.

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