nine pretty instagram spots hvar

If you are looking for the most Instagrammable places in Hvar, you have come to the right place! Hvar is a photographers playground and there is literally no bad place to take an insta shot.

Everywhere you turn there is something magical and beautiful to see…

Whether you only have one day in Hvar or are visiting as part of your longer Croatia Itinerary, you really can’t go wrong. We recommend 2-3 days in Hvar but even if you have one, you can cover a lot of ground!

hvar fortress
The Hvar town Fortress

Standing on the edge of this 16th century fort with the harbor of Hvar town in the background makes for one really cool shot. Wedding parties take their photo sessions there, pros capture timeline shots, if you are in Hvar this is the must see place.

hvar riviera
Hvar Riviera

The waterfront makes for a million dollar view with the mega yachts in your photo, giving you the perfect Mediterranean vibe.

The Hvar town Square of St. Stephen

With the beautiful cathedral on one of Dalmatia’s largest town squares it is one of Hvar’s most common Instagram spot, we recommend to do a morning shot with the sunlight giving you bright white stone’s and clear blue skies.

Lavender fields of Hvar municipality

Hvar Island is world famous for it’s essential oils made from both rosemary and lavender. If you are in Hvar through June and July you will most definitely want to get some lavender field shots in. We offer amazing heritage tours to some of the best lavender spots in the vicinity of the town.

The Napoleon Castle is just a few minutes from Hvar, it offers spectacular landscape views often described by many of our guests as some of the best they have ever seen. Join our city break tour and get some perfect shots of the Pakleni Islands in the distance.

Kalete Hvara

Hvar’s motifs from the palaces and homes in the heart of the city, where people live and where the guests leave their daily thoughts behind, are an inexhaustible target of the gaze of many of its guests.

Romantic Wine tasting

We have numerous famous wine makers on the island of Hvar, and a beautiful setting for some instagram shots are more than likely the romantic setting of a traditional dalmatian wine cellar, popularly known locally as a konoba. Get in touch to reserve this experience with our team here and combine some pleasureful wine degustation with some good and original content for your instagram.

St. Nikola Peak

The highest point of the island of Hvar Sveti Nikola at 628 m above sea level offers amazing vies into the distance of the southern Adriatic sea.

It’s a beautiful hike from the village of Sveta Nedjelja, we can offer you our services to get you there, or you can join up with our very popular Quad Island Tour.

The feeling is above real as the mountain sits straight above the sea with the picturesque village in the dropdown.

Sveta Nedjelja infamous Pine Tree

On the gorge of the south shore of the island of Hvar, below the highest point of the island is located the village of Sveta Nedjelja. This picturesque place by the sea is famous for the production of best red wines, the wines being so high in quality due to the almost perfect geographical position, Hvar’s climate and definitely the quality work of Hvar’s farmers who tirelessly farm numerous vineyards on steep and hardly  accessible slopes on the south shores of Hvar.

This pine tree is worth the trip there. Get in touch and we can recommend you the easiest way for you to get there.

We hope you have a wonderful time visiting Hvar! Make sure to stay respectful and understand that people live in Hvar when taking photos. Do you think there is a photo spot in Hvar that we missed? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we will get to check it out next time!