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Hiking Trail Velo Grablje – Milna

This easy trail leads from the village of Velo Grablje on the island of Hvar to Milna located on the sea. Velo Grablje was founded in the 14th century, and today the village is almost abandoned and has only a few permanent residents. From Velo Grablje the trail follows the dry line of the stream (valley) and passes along Malo Grablje (also known as the ” Ghost Village”) and continues towards Milna whisch is located in a protected bay with two sandy beaches, separated from eachother by a pine tree forest. There are several beautiful and quiet beaches and coves nearby.

Hiking Trail Hvar – Milna

This beautiful trail starts from the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar and heads east towards the village of Milna. The trail goes through pine tree forests all the way along the coastline and passes beautiful bays for swimming. Before the bay Pokojni Dol, the trail goes uphill and away from the coast passing vineyards descending to Milna. Milna is a really nice picnic area and its distinctly country atmosphere is confirmed by an old summer house from the 17th century of the Hvar noble family Ivanić. In Milna as well as in Hvar you can enjoy the gastronomic offer. Return to can go the same way or organized by boat transfer or taxi service.